Dog Safety Dog Safety Dog Safety

Social Services

"You have liberated me from a lifetime fear. I have had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but it did not come anywhere near close to what happened today. Its hard to believe that I stroked those dogs"

Health Visitors

"I did not think my fear of dogs would be resolved in one training session! I believe this was possible through the excellent interpersonal skills and friendliness of the trainers"

Postal Service

"I stroked a Rottweiler!!"

The Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE) offer full day workshops which aim to give you knowledge, techniques and skills to keep you safe around dogs.

We cater for all areas of dog safety education, from supporting individuals and organisations who encounter dogs as a part of the working day, through to our training programmes for those people who have been given a dog control order, or who are required to attend a responsible ownership course.

Our tailor-made workshops have been specifically designed to teach you about dogs and their behaviour so that through knowledge, techniques and skills you feel able to manage situations with confidence thereby helping you to act suitably, responsibly and safely around dogs.

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