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Social Services

"You have  liberated me from a lifetime fear. I have had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but it did not come anywhere near close to what happened today. Its hard  to believe that I stroked those dogs"

Health Visitors

"I did not think my fear of dogs would be resolved  in one training session! I believe this was possible  through the excellent interpersonal skills and friendliness of  the trainers"

Postal Service

"I stroked a Rottweiler!!"

Responsible dog ownership

Dogs and their owners have such a special relationship and one that goes back many thousands of years, however, over the last couple of decades things have changed drastically in households leading to that relationship getting out of balance.

Dogs, regardless of looks, tend to get away with things due to their adorability; this is just a natural human tendency of wanting to stroke and cuddle and ‘befriend’ cute furry things.

The problem with dogs is that, no matter how gorgeous they are, they are still predators with a predator’s mentality and like their wild cousins the wolf, abide by innate rules that dictate they need

to lead or be led. When we spoil them in human terms, we are in effect, telling them that we’re simply not up to the job of leading them.

On our responsible dog ownership programme looks at the psychological aspect of dog ownership and how you can create a balanced, well mannered family pet dog.

Dog Safety Education Executive - Woman with small dog