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Social Services

"You have  liberated me from a lifetime fear. I have had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but it did not come anywhere near close to what happened today. Its hard  to believe that I stroked those dogs"

Health Visitors

"I did not think my fear of dogs would be resolved  in one training session! I believe this was possible  through the excellent interpersonal skills and friendliness of  the trainers"

Postal Service

"I stroked a Rottweiler!!"

Dogs and Children

Children and dogs can be a wonderful mix as long as both parties know the rules and stick to them. Some dogs are very forgiving of rough handling and the often strange and animated behaviour of children; others are not.

Depending on the type of dog that you own and their individual temperament and personality some may perceive your children's friends as intruders on the territory. The fact that your children bring them home does not much alter this perception. Some children will be accepted, but others may not through their own peculiarities.

Children that are timid or over animated, excited or noisy in play may stimulate a dog’s natural response to bite. Controlling children other than your own is difficult to say the least. Children who ignore the dog totally and do not impose on the dog at all or try to initially befriend tend to do best.

At social gatherings children are often present and for the same reasons proffered as above and some dogs can be triggered through into nipping a child. Most of this type of aggression is threats via growling and the occasional snap or bite. It’s very unusual for an all out attack.

That said, your own children and those visiting your home need to be aware of the safety rules surrounding dogs and the dogs need to be aware of the rules of engagement with children. We offer workshops to address keeping your children safe around your dog.

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