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Social Services

"You have liberated me from a lifetime fear. I have had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but it did not come anywhere near close to what happened today. Its hard to believe that I stroked those dogs"

Health Visitors

"I did not think my fear of dogs would be resolved in one training session! I believe this was possible through the excellent interpersonal skills and friendliness of the trainers"

Postal Service

"I stroked a Rottweiler!!"


DogSEE was founded in early 2011 by Lez Graham and Ross McCarthy and has gone from strength to strength.

Our initial team has increased and we now operate our canine behavioural advisory courses nationwide for all manner of professional organisations and individuals.

Our aims for the future include continuing to bridge the gap between service providers and their clients by providing training for professionals on how to optimise their safety around dogs.

As with all roles that involve client liaison, building good relationships is absolutely essential; by applying learnt strategies and new found knowlege, not only can you feel more confident around the family dog, but in some cases this can be used to facilitate your working relationship.

Executives and Facilitators

Our team of dedicated facilitators and course executives ensure that a learning experience second to none is provided. Please click on the names below for more information about the key people within our team.

Lez Graham Founder

Ross McCarthy Founder

Vicky Lawes

James Hearle

Colin Spender

James Reavil

Jill Thorpe

Paula Tennyson

Kristine Ancane

Dave McIver