Put the Camera Down

The Dog Safety Education Executive’s, ‘Put the Camera Down’ campaign, is greatly needed to raise awareness regarding child safety.

Along with many other dog professionals, dog enthusiasts, dog owners and parents, we are finding the rise in ‘cute’ videos and images of children behaving inappropriately with dogs alarming to say the very least.

It appears that this bizarre phenomenon is taking over social media sites and some of these are quite simply horrific; not only because of the inappropriate and disrespectful way that the dogs are treated, but because of the unquestionable danger in which these babies and young children are placed. It is needless, it is mindless and it sends the wrong message to dog owning parents not to mention, children and young adults.

Something has to be done to start the re-education programme; we believe it starts when you Put the Camera Down and be part of the interaction rather than observing it behind a lens. Start to see what is really going on instead of watching, take action and support us in Keeping You Safe around Dogs.