Safe at Home

Dogs and Children

Children and dogs can be a wonderful mix as long as both parties know the rules and stick to them. Some dogs are very forgiving of rough handling and the often strange and animated behaviour of children; others are not.

Depending on the type of dog that you own and their individual temperament and personality some may perceive your children’s friends as intruders on the territory. The fact that your children bring them home does not much alter this perception. Some children will be accepted, but others may not through their own peculiarities.

Children that are timid or over animated, excited or noisy in play may stimulate a dog’s natural response to bite. Controlling children other than your own is difficult to say the least. Children who ignore the dog totally and do not impose on the dog at all or try to initially befriend tend to do best.

At social gatherings children are often present and for the same reasons proffered as above and some dogs can be triggered through into nipping a child. Most of this type of aggression is threats via growling and the occasional snap or bite. It’s very unusual for an all out attack.

That said, your own children and those visiting your home need to be aware of the safety rules surrounding dogs and the dogs need to be aware of the rules of engagement with children. We offer workshops to address keeping your children safe around your dog.

Dogs and Visitors

Whether you are inviting people into your home, dealing with callers at the front door or expecting people to walk through your garden to access your property, it is your responsibility to keep people safe around your dog.

Using a lead, training your dog appropriately, fitting intercoms and external mailboxes are all some of the simple steps you can take to ensure safety of your dog and your visitors.

Whilst many dogs are friendly to people who call at your home, the unusual and animated reactions of people who are fearful of your dog may provoke the dog to guard its territory.

We offer workshops in regard to managing your dog and keeping visitors safe around your dog.

Essential Safety Information

Please find below essential information that the DogSEE team have produced to help you achieve harmony at home and keep your children safe.

Remember when we protect our dogs from our children we will no longer need to protect our children from our dogs, rather common sense will prevail.

If you are concerned that your dog is becoming aggressive or displaying aggressive tendencies, please contact us for more information or view the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association Website for a Canine Behaviour Practitioner in your area.


Our specialist ‘Keeping you safe around dogs at home’ workshops are tailored around all aspects of responsible dog ownership.

We also work with local authorities, to deliver tailored workshops to address ownership issues in relation to dog control orders and nuisance dogs.

In the first instance please contact us for further details and to discuss your specific needs.

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Training Provided

DogSEE offers full day workshops which aim to give you knowledge, techniques and skills to manage dogs with confidence at home and in the community.

You will:

  • Learn how to read various elements of a dogs body language and recognise the communication signals that they are giving you
  • Learn some simple techniques for keeping yourself, and others, comfortable and safe
  • Understand how avoid canine communication faux pas
  • Practice safe meeting and greeting techniques with real dogs
  • Learn about what aspects of dog welfare are essential in order to develop a balanced relationship with your dog
  • Understand your legal and moral obligations in relation to dog ownership
Home Workshops