Vicky Lawes

Vicky Lawes

Vicky Lawes MCFBA MGoDT

Vicky is one of the founding facilitators and has been involved with the Dog Safety Education Executive since conception. She works as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner and Trainer to aid the rehabilitation of behaviourally problematic dogs; a skilled vocation which requires one to have a sound understanding of human and canine psychology as well as empathy to both.

Being a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and an Associate Member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association ensures that Vicky continues to study the psychology of people and dogs.

Vicky works her own German Shepherd Dogs and Rottweiler in obedience and civilian Police Dog Trials.

A previous career in corporate management training, combined with her passion for people and dogs, along with her excellent interpersonal skills and ability to ensure a relaxed, enjoyable and friendly learning environment, makes Vicky a popular team member and facilitator.